Fluid Coatings Applicators

For 25 years Duncan Companies have served the Des Moines marketplace. From thousands of completed painting jobs to hundreds of local commercial roofs, we believe high quality work at fair prices is sound business.

Iowa Speed Finishes is our newest addition. We're installing high quality finishes on millwork, furnishings and displays at our downtown location

  • Sealing a built-up roof with SPF.
  • SPF being sealed with Elastomeric Roof Coatings to provide UV stability.
  • Block walls that won't hold paint.
  • We remove the old paint clean the surface so the new paint will stick.
  • Mechanically removing loose material provides a sound substrate for coatings.
  • New historic reproduction of the old Milwaukee Railroad Depot with authentic colors.
  • Your home's finish can look as nice as this.
  • Alder to Poplar
  • This deck provides warm welcome to this home.
  • Our premium quality finish lasts for years.